What is common with #Satoshi and #Solon?       Sometimes we have to make a break.  Our space and our time is not to be wasted. Surely the technology has evolved and will continue, but finally we do not do the right management?

      The unknown in all of us, SATOSHI NAKAMOTO, brought the reversal of the existing models of economic annihilation, both for people and states.
He dropped our Bitcoin currency without asking for a swap, just made it and left it in the hands of humanity completely free to manage it. He did not ask for 1 euro and actually did many people who believed him happy. How many of us have we learned from his example?

       How many companies have we put in this blockchain technology and we have not asked why? WHY did someone else out there want to change economic prosperity?

       So one day he simply disappeared after laying the foundations. Now we inform and offer this knowledge for our own benefit, and fortunately few of us protect and maintain th…
   We are delighted to inform our readers of the upcoming project. In our research for what we try to accomplish, we find the     It is a decentralizedweb-like network of peer-to-peer users. Programming for the network is based in Budapest, Hungary; is built in Python; and fully open source.[1] Instead of having an IP address, sites are identified by a public key (specifically a bitcoin address). The private key allows the owner of a site to sign and publish change, which propagate through the network. Sites can be accessed through an ordinary web browser when using the ZeroNet application, which acts as a local webhost for such pages.[1] In addition to using bitcoincryptography, ZeroNet uses trackers from the BitTorrent network[2][3][4] to negotiate connections between peers.[1] ZeroNet is anonymous by default, by hiding their IP address using the built in Tor-functionality.     The BitTorrent website Play hosts a magnet link repository on ZeroNet, wh…

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